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Independent Media

Democracy NOW!
Since 2001 Glaser Progress Foundation has awarded Democracy NOW! grants totaling over $1.2 million. These grants support DN! in producing rapid response, on-the-ground coverage of breaking news events and the daily news program The War and Peace Report which is broadcast on 1490 stations via radio, television and the Internet in more than 40 countries worldwide. Past grants have also focused on DN!'s election coverage and expanding DN!'s global audience, especially in the Hispanic community, funding for the construction of a new studio, and celebration of DN!'s 20th Anniversary in 2016.

Freedom of the Press Foundation
Committed to independent journalism and with the rise of government digital surveillance, Glaser Progress Foundation funded installation of SecureDrop encryption technology, originally coded by the late Aaron Swartz, for media outlets to securely accept documents from anonymous sources.

Mother Jones
·   The Russian Connection Glaser Project Foundation supported special coverage of the      Trump-Russian scandal through a portal at the Mother Jones website containing      long-form investigative features, breaking reports, in-depth examinations, a      comprehensive timeline and newsletter.
·   For-Profit Prison Reform Glaser Progress Foundation supported the much-      acclaimed Mother Jones magazine expose of the for-profit prison industry.      Reporter Shane Bauer, who went undercover as a corrections guard in a Louisiana      prison, won the Best Reporting prize from the American Society of Magazine      Editors for his 18-month investigation.

Global Press Institute
Glaser Progress Foundation funded a project in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda training women journalists via an award-winning training-to-employment model which includes advanced photojournalism, technology, and safety and security training.

Progressive Studies Program
In 2009 Glaser Progress Foundation in partnership with the Center for American Progress launched the Progressive Studies Program. The program was a unique interdisciplinary project exploring the history, intellectual foundations and public understanding of progressivism in America. The program increased public awareness of progressive ideas and values, educated public officials and policymakers through lectures, seminars, articles, public events, book discussions, new media tools, and training seminars with activists and young people.

Co-founded by musician Peter Gabriel, WITNESS identifies critical situations and teaches those affected by them the basics of video production, safe and ethical filming techniques, and advocacy strategies. WITNESS has partnered with over 425 organizations from 130 countries, and trained more than 11,000 people to use video to overcome political, economic and physical barriers, expose human rights abuses to the world, and mobilize public concern through grassroots advocacy. More than one million people accessed WITNESS resources in 2018 alone. Glaser Progress Foundation has supported WITNESS with more than $400,000 in grants.

Radio B92 pioneered the use of the Internet as a means of bypassing media repression, won global acclaim for helping bring down a corrupt and violent regime and nurtured a thriving creative scene in Yugoslavia. In 1999 the Milosevic government confiscated B92's radio transmitter and turned off the station's Internet streaming software. Glaser Progress Foundation provided funding for relocation support to journalists caught in the Kosovo crisis, enabling them to resume broadcasting on the Internet from other parts of Europe. Over the years, B92's steadfast advocacy of professionalism, as well as protection of human rights, especially the right to free speech, has been recognized in a number of international awards and subject of the best-selling This is Serbia Calling, released in the U.S. under the title Guerrilla Radio: Rock 'N' Roll Radio and Serbia's Underground Resistance. B92 now operates as Play Radio on 92.5 MHz FM and O2.TV.

The Human Rights Project at Bard College
The Human Rights Project at Bard College, in collaboration with the New York-based International Center for Transitional Justice and with Glaser Progress Foundation support, created a permanent internet-accessible comprehensive video archive of the landmark war crimes trial of Slobodan Milosevic. This dramatic case against the former Yugoslav President—the first head-of-state to face an international trial for crimes against humanity and genocide—was held at the United Nation's International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague (Netherlands) and is the most significant war crimes case in Europe since the Nazi prosecutions at Nuremberg.

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