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Note: The Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals for the Global Health & Climate Change program area.

Climate change is one of the greatest health threats of the 21st century. Emissions causing climate change are responsible for over 7 million deaths each year, about 1 in 8 worldwide. This includes 600,000 children under the age of 5, mostly from pneumonia. Ninety percent of the world's urban population is breathing air that is harmful to health. Climate change also exacerbates chronic and contagious disease, worsens food and water shortages, increases the risk of pandemics and aggravates mass displacement.

Glaser Progress Foundation believes that reframing climate change as a public and global health emergency is one of the most effective ways to change and advance the current debate.

· Research demonstrates that messaging based on the health impacts of climate change   works even with those skeptical of climate change;
· Health leaders and professionals, especially doctors and nurses, are among society's   most credible and trusted messengers;
· Reframing climate change as a health crisis offers one of the best ways for reducing   current polarization on this issue;
· Focusing on health impacts will help drive new and larger investments in climate   change mitigation and adaptation by governments, businesses and philanthropy;
· Reframing the debate in terms of health better illustrates the disparity of climate   change's impacts on our most vulnerable communities


The Climate Campaign: Glaser Progress Foundation joined with several other foundations to test the impact of climate/health focused messaging in key media markets. This test was undertaken by Climate Nexus, GMMB, and former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy now with Harvard C-CHANGE.

UCSF Global Health Group's Global Health and Climate Change Program
Glaser Progress Foundation has partnered with UCSF's Global Health Group to ensure that health plays a more prominent role in international discussions on climate change including COP 25 and to help create on-the-ground success stories in countries most affected by the health impacts of climate change.

Global Climate and Health Forum
In September 2018 Glaser Project Foundation, in partnership with several other organizations including UCSF's Global Health Group, sponsored The Global Climate and Health Forum which brought together 300 leaders from national and local governments, health systems, public health agencies, civil society, and international health organizations. The Forum culminated in the launch of a Call to Action on Climate and Health. This Call to Action, endorsed by over 70 leading health organizations, outlines ten priority recommendations the health community can take to advance human well-being in the era of climate change.

Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility: Glaser Progress Foundation supports WPSR in creating the Washington Climate and Health Coalition, a bold effort that unites medical providers, health systems, the academic sector and nonprofit organizations committed to climate action. The coalition will coalesce around local and state priorities, and educate other concerned colleagues and networks, promoting policies that address climate change.

Past Glaser Progress Foundation global health initiatives

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