David Lemon

David Lemon, master of bronze sculptor, creates works that depict the history of the Old West.

Lemon's western and southwestern bronze sculptures exemplify the Old West culture by bringing to life the Native Americans, Indians, Cowboys, Mountain Men, and Pioneers he uses as subjects.

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Been Thar, Done That

"A mountainman who's had to hire himself out as a Wagon Train Guide. As he veiws the trail ahead, someone hears him grumble under his breath, Been There, Done That"
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Beside the Council Fire

"This war chief gives council. As he uses his feathered fan to give emphasis to a particular point in his impassioned conversation" Limited Edition
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Cheyenne Courtship

"Cheyenne Indians call themselves Tsitsistas; 'Cheyenne' is a mistake, a Sioux word for Cree. The Cheyenne were Great Plains people, originally native to the area that is now Colorado and Wyoming.
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Cheyenne War Party Leader

"When you talk of Cheyenne War Leaders, Roman Nose, and Dull Knife, come to mind. A war party leader was a proven warrior. This leader sees a cloud of dust on the horizon and quickly chan

Cowboy Legacy

"A 19th century cowboy reflects on the past, when longhorns were the cattle, and danger his ever present companion" Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture
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Elk Woman

"Named for the teeth that she collects. David created this piece after a model shoot on the Little Big Horn River at the Custer Battle Field. The dress dates from the 1830 to 1840's. It w
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Feathers in the Wind

"This warrior has earned many honors as atested by his numerous eagle feathers" Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture Sculpture Size: 31" H x
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Gathering Strays

"On a cattle drive, a cowhand chases after the strays, that wander from the main herd" Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture Sculpture Size: 19
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"The one true characteristic that a cowboy in the old west needed to possess was Grit" Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture Sculpture Size: 13.5
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High Lonesome

"Many Mountain Men led solitary lives and there travels took them everywhere. They frequently enjoyed the company of friendly indians" Limited Edition
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Imminent Threat

"A Sioux warrior strings his bow in anticipation of an Eminent Threat" Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture Sculpture Size: 23" H
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Iron Horn

"A plains Indian by the name of "Iron Horn" with his sawed off trade rifle, and long bladed spear, painted for war, stands ready to defend his people"
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Lil' Buckaroo

"A young cowboy admires his new shiny boots....shiny at least for the day" Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture Sculpture Size: 35" H
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Mark Twain

"Huckleberry Finn Chapter one Starts out with; "YOU don't know about me without you have read a book by the name of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer; but that ain't no matter. That book was m
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"Five Mountain Main busts in relief mounted on a wooden plaque" Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture Sculpture Size: 5" Diameter Eac
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Mountain Warrior

"This was a maquette or initial sketch for a life size bronze I was commissioned to create for a clients home. It depicts a Blackfoot warrior"
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North or South

"On June 2, 1805, Lewis and Clark had their first encounter with the Marias River in Montana near present-day Loma. The instructions they had gotten from the Mandan tribe in North Dakota
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Puttin' the Fish to 'Em

"The Fish in the title of this bronze refers to the brand of rain slicker. To get the spook out of his mount, this cowboy twirls his Fish Brand Rain Slicker over the head of his hors
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Rendezvous Foofarraw

"A Grizzled mountain man carrying his newly traded for Hawkins across his saddle, and his old faithful weapon over his shoulder, rides back to camp at a yearly Rendezvous, where drinking,

Rode Hard, Put Up Wet

"The title pretty much tells it all" Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture Sculpture Size: 12.5" H Edition Size: 80
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"Toughness and grace, all in a sassy cowgirl" Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture Sculpture Size: 19.5" H Edition Size: 80
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Shedding Winter

"Like many animals, The Lord of the Plains has a grizzled look as Winter turns to Spring" Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture Sculpture Size: 14
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Silent Arrow

"The bow and arrow was a deadly and silent weapon and hunting tool. This scout, dressed in a wolf skin, takes aim at a unsuspecting target"
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Silent Witness

The buffalo was at one time the main source of food for the plains Indians. They used all parts of the buffalo. Never waisted a single bone.This Indian, finds a grandfather skull.

Smokey Joe

"This old cowboy typifies the look of the Old West" Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture Sculpture Size: 14" H Edition Size: 30
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Spirit of the Wolf

"This scout, believes he gains the attributes of the wolf, through the skin he wears. This, he believes, gave him a greater advantage in his tracking, and stealth abilities"
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Sunshine Spirit

"A young Arapaho girl holding an eagle feather fan is dressed in a very expensive Elk Tooth Dress. A hand full of ivory, or Elk teeth could buy a horse and this dress has several hundred
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"Sitting Bull's name in the Sioux language was pronounced Ta-Tanka I-Yotank. Born in 1831, was a Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux holy man, born near the Grand River in South Dakota.
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Testing the Water

"This bronze is modeled after a life-size bronze that now stands in a home in Montana. David was commissioned to create this piece to stand in the entryway of the clients home.
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The Omen

"A plains Indian comes across a set of tracks made by a booted man. Territory that has never seen the influx of Europeans, now has them coming in mass.

Them Was Shining Times

"A Grizzled Mountain man remembering the days when Beaver pelts were king, and plentiful" Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture Sculpture Size: 28.
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Uninvited Guest

A Buffalo, decides to rest atop a Prairie Dog's home. Prairie Dog looks out of hole to see what's causing the disturbance in his humble abode"
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View From the Pinnacle

"The cool wind of fall tells this mountain man the time of cold and misery is close" Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture Sculpture Size: 25"
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Warrior Song

"This bronze depicts a Blackfeet Warrior dancing and singing, carrying the symbols of his bravery" Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture
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Welcoming Pomp

"Toussaint Charbonneau, and Sacagawea (known as Sacajawea) holding their young son Jean Baptiste, nicknamed 'Pomp'
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Workin' For the Brand

"You look into this cowboy's face and you see a cockiness, that has gotten him into more than one bar room battle.
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