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Application Process

Eligible organizations:
The Foundation awards grants to non-profit, tax-exempt organizations certified under Section 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service. It does not make grants to influence legislation or support candidates for political office. As a general rule, the Foundation awards grants to established organizations with a national focus, strong history of success and recognized leadership within its field.

Note: The Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals for the Global Health & Climate Change and Animal Advocacy program areas.

Submitting an Application Letter:
To apply for a grant from The Glaser Progress Foundation, do ONE of the following:

  • Email an application with the information below to grants[at] If you send an attachment, please also copy the text of the attachment into the email.

  • Mail or Fax an application with the information below to The Glaser Progress Foundation, 108 S. Washington Street, Suite 400, Seattle, WA, 98104, Fax number 206-728-1123. To conserve resources, please do not mail your application in addition to email or online submission. We also request that you do not include supporting materials (videos, cds, newsletters, reports, books) at this early stage of the application process. We will send an email confirmation within one week of receiving your application.
  • Name of organization and complete contact information
  • Organization description
  • Organization's total income and total expenses for the current and prior year
  • Program Area to which you are applying: Measuring Progress or Independent Media (choose one)
  • Project description
  • Budget and identification of other potential or secured funding sources for the project
  • Requested grant amount
  • Experience and capability of the organization to administer the project and key individuals involved

Download a Word or PDF document listing the information to include in your application.

If the Foundation determines that your Application Letter matches its priorities and interests, a Program Director will request additional information and conduct a full review. The cycle time from receipt of the Application Letter through staff review and Board decision takes approximately six months.

Questions and Comments:
We appreciate your interest in The Glaser Progress Foundation. If you have any questions about our process or the status of your application, please contact Melessa Rogers by email or phone: melessa[at] (206) 728-1050.

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